Restoration and repair of the filter unit


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NTV Scientific & Technical Firm provides services for the development of design documents based on licensed software.

Development of design documents is an initial and very important process before the manufacture of any product. Design documentation is a collection of documents, mainly drawings and specifications, describing the product or equipment. Properly developed documents allow you to find out all the necessary information about the future product: its design, dimensions, manufacturing methods and materials necessary for this, GOST requirements, the need for inspection and operation features.

By contacting us at this important stage you receive:

  • Warranties of quality and the final result in accordance with the Unified System for Design Documentation adopted in the Russian Federation

  • Guaranteed duration of works

  • Specialists of the Company can come to your facility and carry out measurements.


Design documents can be provided in the following form according to the results of the works performed:

- soft copy: in Microsoft Word, PDF, CDW format
 - hard copy: on paper.

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