October 15, 2018

We celebrated our 27th anniversary!

We want to share a piece of news with you that is really cheerful and connected with sports.

Last weekend we went to celebrate the anniversary of our Company, because recently, namely on October 8, NTV Scientific & Technical Firm, LLC turned 27.

The holiday was celebrated under the motto: "Only together we are a great force". Having fun, feeling amazing, we congratulated each other and presented gifts. We got the chance to forget about work for a moment, stock up great mood and go out of town to the Izgib Sports Park. In the fresh air, with a stunningly beautiful landscape around, our friendly team courageously passed an interesting quest: we competed in agility, persistence and speed, and we also had to think hard. And we certainly pulled it off. Absolutely everyone, without exception.

In addition, the staff that entered the second decade of their work in our company was congratulated grandiosely.


НТВшники здорово работают и здорово отдыхают!

We wish our beloved company growth, excellent performance, loyal customers and long-term contracts.

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Repair of screws, material cylinders, restoration of parts.

Manufacture of screws, screw-and-barrel systems, steel-bronze parts.

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