August 10, 2018

ISO 9001 Certificate of Conformity

NTV Scientific & Technical Firm, LLC received the ISO 9001 Certificate of Conformity.


Perhaps, in the life of every person there are key milestones that seem to "turn the page", allowing you to look at everything in a new way (graduating from school, getting a diploma at an institution of higher education, etc.). But not only people have such a thing - in the history of any company one can also find key milestones, after passing which, companies get new opportunities for growth.

NTV Scientific & Technical Firm, LLC, which has provided services for the restoration and manufacture of screw-and-barrel systems for many years, is no exception. On August 9, the organization officially received a certificate of compliance with ISO 9001:2018.

We'll explain in simple language: When your company obtains such a certificate, it means that it went through a complex audit and confirmed that it meets the high requirements specified in the document.

During this certification the quality management system of the following services provided by the company was checked:

·        restoration of screws,

·        restoration of barrels,

·        manufacture of screws,

·        manufacture of barrels,

·        manufacture of steel-bronze sliding bearings. 



Why is this beneficial to our customers? It's simple: you can be confident in all products manufactured and repaired by us and ourselves as a responsible supplier. In addition, the certificate represents a guarantee of quality workmanship and servicing for each of our clients.

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Repair of screws, material cylinders, restoration of parts.

Manufacture of screws, screw-and-barrel systems, steel-bronze parts.

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