Screw manufactured Ø140 mm

Screw manufactured Ø50 mm

Material cylinder manufactured Ø125 mm

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Considering the urgent need of our partners for a reliable and affordable supplier of screw-and-barrel systems and relying on more than 25 years of experience in restoring such parts, we launched a new line of production - the manufacture of screws and material cylinders. In particular: screw-and-barrel systems for extruders.

Advantages of the manufacture of screws, screw-and-barrel systems and barrels at

NTV Scientific & Technical Firm, LLC

  1. Production time is significantly less than delivery time of imported equipment. There is a possibility of shortening the timeframe in case of urgent need.

  2. We save your resources by producing only one part in a system for another repair size.

  3. If, based on the results of diagnostics, your parts will be non-repairable (metal fatigue stress, critical barrel wear, use of poor-quality original material of manufacture), we will prepare technical documents for production as soon as possible according to the existing model, and after its approval we will be ready to launch parts into production immediately. 

  4. Our specialists are ready to come to your facility and carry out measurements necessary for the manufacture of parts.

  5. We guarantee the quality of workmanship in accordance with the technical documents. You can accept the works directly at our production facility; our specialists will help you to perform all the necessary measurements.

We manufacture screws (screw-and-barrel systems for extruders) from structural alloy steels using several technologies with a hardness of 30 HRC to 60 HRC for various industries.

Our unique technology of screw manufacturing

According to the technology developed by us, the screws are manufactured using the two-stage depositing method:

  1. Semi-solid substrate. It has high adhesion and prevents chipping of the deposited material.

  2. Optimally selected hard alloys. They provide durable operation of the screw under conditions of dry friction in metal to metal contact, intensive abrasive and corrosive effects and high working loads and temperatures.

Thus, the screw is bimetallic, which significantly increases its service life, if compared to a simple nitrated screw.

The most important difference between the bimetallic screw made using our technology and nitrided one is reinforcing layer thickness.

Thickness of the reinforcing layer

Hard alloy deposition according to our technology - minimum 4 mm per diameter (2 mm per side)

Nitriding - maximum 0.80 mm per diameter (0,40 mm per side)


Material used for manufacture

- 40X structural alloy steel;

- 38Х2МЮА structural alloy steel.

Technical characteristics

- Guaranteed hardness of the working surface is 700 HV

- Guaranteed depth of the nitrated layer is 0.30 mm (i.e. minimum 0.60 mm per diameter).

Manufacture of barrels and screws is carried out according to drawings or samples of parts of the Customer. Specialists of the Company can come to your facility and carry out measurements and make drawings.

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We provide a guarantee on manufactured parts.