May 15, 2019

XII International Symposium "Polymer Industry: Innovations. Efficiency. Resource-saving"

Dear partners! From June 3 to 5 we invite you to visit the XII International Symposium "Polymer Industry: Innovations. Efficiency. Resource-saving" 

During the Symposium, representatives of our company will make a presentation on "Restoration and manufacture of screw-and-barrel systems: proven solutions for your production"  

The Poly&Pro community has published an interview with our CEO on its website. The following is an excerpt from the article; its full version can be found at the following link:


PROS of different categories are going to visit this event: Top managers of companies, owners, engineers, specialists of the polymer industry of Russia. Everyone has their own goals and objectives. We've decided to talk about this with future speakers (among other things). There are speakers here that participate in the Symposium not for the first time. Among them is Maria Prokofieva, owner and General Director of NTV Scientific & Technical Firm. One of the main objectives of her trip to the event held in Crimea is, first of all, the expansion and renewal of partnerships and exchange of experience with colleagues engaged in the processing and production of plastic products. "The Symposium allows me to meet with the current partners of our Company and get acquainted with the all-Russian trends in the field of plastic production," Maria adds..



We asked Maria Prokofieva a few questions about activities of her company and what knowledge and experience she is going to share with colleagues..

- To what extent are the services demanded for the restoration of screws and other tooling parts, including the ones with special design? What is this about?
- They are in high demand. The volume of orders is steadily growing from year to year. This is best confirmed by the figures: about 80% of enterprises of the tire industry closely cooperate with our organization at the moment, more than 1,200 enterprises from 52 regions of the Russian Federation and 2 CIS countries are covered  
The high demand for services can be explained by several good reasons:
- high quality of our products;
- duration of works is much less than timeframes of delivery of imported equipment;
- we use an integrated approach to complete the tasks.
 - What are the main specifics of operation of your company?
- The main specifics of operation of our company is the unique technology of restoration and manufacture of screws, developed by us and honed over the years.

- What will your presentation be dedicated to?

- I decided to dedicate it to the most pressing issue that most owners are concerned about: how to increase profits by extending the equipment service life. I will talk about proven solutions; share our experience, as well as the experience of our partners.  

We will be glad to see you and answer your questions!