June 14, 2019

Open Day 

Why do we form the corporate culture of our Company?

Corporate culture does not affect WHAT employees do, but rather HOW they do it! Strong corporate culture is one of the tools of our tireless work on improving the quality.


To this end, we held an Open Day for relatives and friends of the NTV Scientific & Technical Firm. The idea of an Open Day was born at the beginning of the year and was brilliantly implemented after six months. It was an event of a new format for us, which surpassed the emotional expectations of both guests and employees of the company! Enterprise tours were organized, the guests got the chance to witness the processes of screw-and barrel system restoration and manufacture. Moreover, adults and children took part in exciting competitions, tried on branded safety helmets, drew their own versions of the Company logo, feeling part of our company, and "charged the production facility with the energy for new achievements!"


At the end of the event, the participants thanked the company's management for the rich and informative program. The holiday was celebrated under the motto: "Open Day is the day to open yourself up to new discoveries".

We plan to continue this wonderful tradition and next time open our doors to our partners. To the list of news.

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