NTV Scientific & Technical Firm, LLC was founded in 1991 by the Candidate of Technical Sciences, the expert in the field of tribology – Vladimir Novikov . Thanks to his research & development, it was possible to establish unique production that has existed for more than a quarter of a century.

Extensive experience allows us to efficiently solve a wide range of tasks related to the restoration and manufacture of parts.

NTV Scientific & Technical Firm offers its services in repair and restoration of the worn-out parts of equipment made of low-carbon, alloy steels, cast iron, aluminum, bronze to the plastics processing enterprises, food industry, transport enterprises and companies of other branches of production. When restoring the parts, depending on the requirements for the worn-out surface, we use the optimal hard alloys (based on international experience and our own tribological studies) to ensure long-term operation of the restored products in conditions of dry friction in metal to metal contact, intense abrasive and corrosive effects and high operating loads and temperatures.

NTV Scientific & Technical Firm offers services for the manufacture of bimetallic steel-bronze sliding bearings and parts made of structural alloy steels. 

Stock of universal metal-cutting equipment helps in turning, milling, cylindrical grinding, internal grinding, drilling of parts.

We are constantly working to improve our technologies and expand the range of services provided!

We operate throughout the territory of the Russian Federation!


With the highest level of service, we will quickly and accurately repair, upgrade and manufacture parts to ensure smooth operation of the equipment of our partners


  • Quality and deadlines observance are our top priority.

  • We use an integrated approach to complete the tasks.

  • We successfully deal the most difficult challenges.

  • We implement science into production.

  • We increase the production standards.

  • We strive to be the best in the business.

  • Our team is our main innovation potential.