October 11, 2018

Why do market leaders choose to restore worn-out screws?

Russian food industry is one of the most rapidly developing sectors of the country's economy.  

In 2017, compared with 2016, the volume of products manufactured using screw-and-barrel system increased:: 

  • production output of meat and edible offal of poultry - by 7.4%, 

  • sausage products, also for baby food - by 3.1%,  

  • meat, meat-containing, chilled, frozen semi-finished products - by 7.1%,  

  • sunflower unrefined oil - by 10.4


According to the study, the Russian market of screws is highly dependent on imports, as the screws are originally supplied as part of the machine containing them. Thus, the screw is considered to be a separate unit of supplied products when it is necessary to replace or repair the original item.

When detecting wear or damage, the owner of the equipment has to choose: whether to buy a new screw or restore the existing one. Then there is the second question related to the selection of a partner company for production or restoration job.


What is the first thing equipment owners pay attention to when choosing a contractor?

The first category includes quality and price criteria. These conditions must always be met.


Importance of parameters when choosing a partner for the restoration/repair job

Source: Step by Step GC

The second category is also considered necessary to form an opinion about the company. This includes the criteria by which a company can claim to be an expert in its business:

  • great work experience;

  • duration of works;

  • specific methods and technologies.


NTV Scientific & Technical Firm meets all of the requirements mentioned above.

Since 1991, NTV Scientific & Technical Firm has been engaged in the restoration, repair and modernization of worn-out screws, screw-and-barrel systems and material cylinders of extruders (screw extrusion machines, presses, pelletizing machines, mixers, separating sets) of domestic and foreign production with diameter of 38 mm and a length of up to 8,500 mm. Partner network includes more than 1,100 enterprises (about 70 of which are food industry enterprises) in more than 60 regions of Russia and the CIS.

Due to the weakening of the ruble exchange rate, many manufacturers obviously choose to restore the screw-and-barrel system and refuse to buy new parts abroad.

The main competitive advantage of the NTV Scientific & Technical Firm is the unique technology of restoration:

Three simple steps to save your money:

The first three customers get a 5% discount - 8 (800) 505-16-40


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An example of the work performed on the repair of the separation kit AM2C.

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